About Australian

Welcome to our e-studio! Since 1989 Australian has been striving for new developments with special products for its e-studio. The place for high-quality gifts for both corporate and private. We understand better than anyone that a gift must be perfect and that is why we gladly take all the work off your hands. Easily organized and optimally supported by a full service business model from the Australian team. We ensure fast delivery at your chosen delivery time and, if desired, add a card to the order with your personal message.

Australian has an instinct and passion for alternative forms of expression and recognizes the importance of natural ingredients and the need to preserve the purity of taste. Australian provides continuity and builds on the future of premium ice cream, chocolates and coffee. Australian stands for an unforgettable experience: the kick of new and different, the game of attention and seduction.

Global and Personal fun

Scouring the world in search of the best growers is a combination of duty and pleasure for our chocolatiers. We go for finding cocoa beans of the best quality and then transforming them into a superior chocolate couverture.

The Australian coffee is selected on a fixed flavor blend and comes from the best plantations worldwide. Discover where the coffee in your bag comes from through the unique origin code on the packaging and read more about the composition and countries of the coffee beans.

The Australian ice varieties are carefully selected on taste, for example the hazelnuts from our ice cream come from the Piedmont region, the vanilla from Madagascar, and the lemons from Sicily. All flavors are unique in its kind and made with the best fresh, full cream or an extra high fruit percentage with the sorbets. Share your moments with Australian chocolate, coffee and ice cream.

Food Experience

Australian is one of the brands of Food Experience. Food Experience is an organization with love for food and innovative brands. In addition to premium coffee, ice cream and chocolate products from Australian, Food Experience also has a wide array of food (related) products in other categories. For example, under 'other brands' in the menu you can see various inspiring brands, such as artisan Italian pasta, the brand delicious. Known for being delicious. Food magazine and also the Italian brand Brera Milano with its special Panettones and Columbas for the fall.

Zaccagni Italian pasta

In remote Abruzzo, Italy, today's pasta is still made as before. A secret recipe, age-old bronze molds, organic ingredients and strong men & patient women provide the ultimate pasta that makes your mouth water. Genuine Italian pasta, exclusively available in the Netherlands.


In addition to traditional media, delicious made the leap to its own delicious.food product line, available through this e-workshop. delicious. is where it's all about cooking and eating. The food line is supported by the magazine with feasible recipes, full of stories about people with a passion for food and photography to make your mouth water.

Brera Milano 1930

Brera Milano 1930 is known for its surprising Italian panettones that are still made from real butter in the traditional and traditional way. The panettones only consist of pure natural ingredients and are packaged in a unique way in rough paper sheets. A luxurious gift for the fall or wonderful at a festive table.